Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Kicks...

I came with these...

Now I have these!!!

Yes... It's infectious... Thanks to Nike Malaysia!

Pop Shuvit's Freakshow Video

Greetings! Just wanted to feature a video by my KL homies Pop Shuvit featuring Dandee of SilkSounds in Bangkok... Check it out!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lawa King - The Videos

Check out the videos from my appearance on Malaysia's #1 comedy show - Lawa King (i love the laugh track!)

Scene one - I'm Sorry!

Scene Two - White Guy Knows Malay

Scene Three - On the Live show

Scene Four - Vandal Performs Lalala (Acapella)

Thanks to the crew at Lawa King and Homegrown!!!

Hong Kong Hostage

Updates galore... This one is gonna be short, not quite as long as my week in the HK chilling with the Hierophat family. To put it short Hong Kong is definitely a one of a kinda place with a vibe like no other city. From the studio I enjoyed a variety of mouth-watering take out and a damn good burger with Gold Mountain and DJ Yin. A night of Heroscape and Skunk made my month and guest appearing with GM at Sugar Club was a night to remember! Unfortunately I didnt take many pix and my lazy ass hasnt uploaded them to my mac yet so tough luck!

GM and I did manage numerous freestyle sessions, one crazy budbomb inspired 2hr session just before I left to the airport was one for the books! I got a little too caught up in the world of Tomb Raider Anniversary, but we did manage to record a few songs and Big ups to GM, Lambert, Alex, Robbie, Tiffany, Master Mic, Ink and everyone else who made my stay as enjoyable as it was!

Pics coming soon!