Saturday, January 26, 2008

2007 In Review

Ok I know it's been since august that I haven't updated this blog... Shame on me! How can I blame it on the fact that I prefer to write on paper with a pen instead of typing... old habits die slowly I presume... So anyways, here we are now, it's nearing the end of the first month of the New Year 2008 and I thought that I would just post a huge review of 2007, the life and times of the Urban Camper... 2007 brought about a lot of changes, was filled with blood, sweat and hard work which 2008 should show the fruition of. Now... I've decided to make this entry more of a portfolio thing, going through each month listing the shows, musical collaborations and travels I embarked on... So... Hmmm... where to start? At the beginning of course!

Feb 2007
- Collabo with Dj Goldfish "Planet Love" which to date is still not finished... Come on Alvin, stop slacking bro!!!
- HP Inter-Action performance alongside Transient Vortex @ Maison, KL.
- Travelled to Singapore to see J5 & Beastie Boys @ Good Vibrations Festival
- Travelled to Jakarta to finish off the month with The International Diplomats and finishing our 1st mixtape Just Duit! Vol.1

Other notable events:
Reshmonu's album launch @ Laundry, VOA performance @ Laundry, Blast Off Finals @ Ruums & Chinese New Year in Singapore (gone is the year of the pig... the rat is coming!)

March 2007
- Performed at the Java Jazz Festival with Warriors of Manga and Indra Lesmana's Brothers of Revolution in Jakarta.
- Performed at Public, Jakarta, along side Warriors of Manga and Reel People
- Travelled to Bandung to check out an underground Hip Hop gig featuring Homocyde
- Recorded with Larry (x-Sova) in Jakarta
- Did an experimental set with Dj Nasa & Renchong @ RuangRupa art house, Jakarta
- Performed with The Diplomats International for Hip Hop Asongan 4 on jl. Fatmawati, Jakarta. This event was a free side-of-the-road affair for the community.

April 2007
- Performed with Saykoji @ the 16th Anniversary for Bintang @ Senayan, Jakarta
- Travelled to Lombok with Saykoji to perform at Sahara in Mataram
- Celebrated my Birthday with a special show with Dipnet @ Bliss, Jakarta
- Travelled back to Kl after 2 months in Indonesia...
- Rehearsals began for the TROACO album launch with IGC

Other notable events:
Jennifer Johns @ Loft KL, The arrival of Don't Panic malaysia.

May 2007
- finally got to perform "6 MC's" with Weapon X and Ken Hell and Joe Flizzow during their show @ laundry
- The arrival of Eardrums 7 Nations CD featuring 2 songs with Vandal
- Shamik's first show in KL @ Laundry with a Vandal appearance
- Collabo with DJ Uno and Saer Ze "Dance Floor Queen" soon to hit airwaves!
- Fly FM Campur Chart show with Transient Vortex and Shamik @ Laundry
- Sweet 16 show with DJ Nesh in Ampang, KL
- Travelled to Singapore for a show @ Velvet Dragon

June 2007
- Singapore Street Festival 3 performances
- More rehearsals and Prep for my TROACO launch
- 17 Magazine show @ Sunway Lagoon with DJ Nesh
- TROACO album launch @ laundry with Stylustiks, DJ Tasc, IGC, Gold Mountain...
- Guinness Black event in Genting @ Arena Of Stars with DJ Nesh
- Shoot for Raja Lawak comedy show, I was in a few skits...
- Performance @ Absolute Chemistry with Transient Vortex

Other notable events:
Transformers the movie opening night, Qumran's wedding, Juice Mag's 5th anniversary and TROACO CD's finally arrive!

July 2007
- Travelled to Bangkok, linking up with Dandee of Silk Sounds performing at Route 66
- Collabo project with Dandee (still in the works) entitled "VANDAN"
- Travelled to Singapore for the TROACO album launch at Red Bar, Singapore
- Travelled to Hong Kong and performed with Gold Mountain & INK @ Sugar Club
- Collabo track "Smoker Delight" with Gold Mountain

Other notable events:
Malaysian DJ Championship & battle of the year competition, Apartment grand opening & lots of love from Nike Malaysia!

August 2007
- Returned to KL to collaborate on the Road 2 Zion Mixtape
- Travelled to Jakarta to work on tracks for the Diplomats Int album
- Shot the video for Lalala with Destiny Inc in Jakarta

September 2007
- This month was pretty much a write off... consider is time off to absorb the events of the previous 8 months...
- I think there was a Botswana national day pageant and talent show I judged and I did meet the guys from Slapshock who are based in Manila, Philippines.
- Oh... The Road 2 Zion Mixtape launch was in Sept as well, where I performed @ Modestos in Sri Hartamas.

October 2007
- performed at a show @ Ibiza, KL for the Nigerian Independence day
- Shot the video for Crazy by Ash Nair featuring Vandal and Moots!
- Travelled to manila, Philippines to collaborate with Dcoy and Artstrong, did a radio show live at Monster RX FM(?)
- My song Lalala is used for a movie called Susahnya Jadi Perawan
- Vandal appeared on Morning Crew Corner with JJ & Rudy on HITZ TV, KL
- Travelled to Laos to perform at Mekong Deck and Club Romeo
- No dressing up for the halloween party at Laundry...

November 2007
- Collabo with James Baum called "Shawty"
- Performed Crazy with Ash Nair at KDU college event
- Performed with Pop Shuvit & Dandee for The Freakshow Tour in Penang, malaysia
- Travelled to Jakarta for the movie promo tour (Susahnya Jadi Perawan)
- Performed @ Caesar's in Yogyakarta, Indonesia with Raben and Saykoji
- Performed in Makasar, Sulawesi, Indonesia @ Colours Cafe for movie promo
- Performed at 5 malls across jakarta for movie promo tour.

December 2007
- Worked on completing the Just Duit! Vol.2 Mixtape with Dipnet in Jakarta
- Travelled back to KL to meet Shamik before he left to India
- Shamik performs @ Laundry with special appearance by Vandal
- Performed Crazy with Ash Nair @ Laundry for Tiger FC event
- Performed hype man with DJ Nesh @ Atrium, KL
- Travelled to Jakarta for a show with Diplomats Int at EX plaza called "Urbanize"
- Special performance for Rewind @ Blowfish in Jakarta
- New Years Eve show with DJ Nesh @ Mid Valley Megamall called "Midzone Countdown"

Other Notable events to round out the year:
Mistah's birthday and Rewind in JKT, Jazzy Jeff in and NSG's going away party in JKT, I Am Legend launching, Dj Q-Bert in KL and Singapore!, DJ Cash Money and Rewind in JKT, Soft Launch of Retro Bar, KL, Christmas with James and Cassie eating crab, Mmmm... talking to my parents and family in Canada always brings a smile to my face!

Well there you have it... Seems like it was a busy year and sooo many things happened it's been hard to remember all the details but at least writing this little blog entry has helped!

Next up will the 2007 in photos... hehehe...