Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lion City Mauling...

Peace and greetings!

Vandal here, just letting you know that I'll be coming down to Singapore to rock a show at the Singapore Street Festival 2007!

I'll be in the Lion City from May 31st - June 4th so make sure you holla at me if you wanna link up.

Peep my Lion City Freestyle from when I was last at the Festival!

Mostly I'll be down at the festival getting my hustle on, so be sure to look out for the bearded white guy... you know... the one in the photo up in the top left corner :)

If things go smooth, I'll be joined by fellow Diplomats Illsteez (Mas) & Gold Mountain (HK) plus I cant forget my Lion City homie Tech1der!!!

Peace & Panggil!!!!