Thursday, March 5, 2009

TYGS - Tournament Round 2

Come and support the emcee's battling it out for the final 4 spots in the TYGS Grand Final on April 17th 2009...

The Top 4 from Round 1 (Feb 20th) are:
- Dugod
- Jin Hackman
- Dice
- Alfred


Anonymous said...

nice poster


Anonymous said...

Do u have a battles for Beatboxing?

Anonymous said...

Waddup Vandal..

Do u have battles for Beatboxing?
cause i've got some wicked beatboxin skilz that are going to a waste..


vandal said...

Harricane, where you at? KL? if so i think we might have something coming up for beatboxers in the near future.. hit me up -

Anonymous said...

KL indeed man..will hit u on that..god bless.