Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bangkok Invader

Been a bit slow updating things with all the travelling around but I have time tonight to talk about my trip out to Bangkok... At first I wasnt sure if I was gonna go, late on booking my ticket drove the price up a bit and the timing was tight for everything else going on around KL. I'm definitely glad I made the trip though! My boy Dandee from Silk Sounds and Bangkok Invaders came through to pick me up from the airport. It was my first time at the new airport and it's massive! Dandee works in the clubs (Slim, Route 66 & Bed) as en emcee with his two DJ's Ono and Meeh, so after we dropped off my bags we pretty much bounced straight to RCA. If ya dont know RCA is this strip of warehouses that has been turned into a club district. It been around for a while but now it's THE place to be to party in Bangkok. And yes... people really know how to party in Bangkok!

I also had the opportunity to hang out on Kao San Rd for a night... I was supposed to meet up with DJ Tasc and Rob Solo, but they never made it so I just wondered around aimlessly until I bumped into this Swiss girl I'd met on the plane. After chatting with Zahn, an artists who has a gallery in one of the back alleys, I popped in the Reggae bar and that pretty much where the night started. It ended shortly after jamming at this drum and bass club and drinking whiskey with some other travellers til the sun came up, then i crashed on a bunk bed I paid 80baht for... Kao San is definitely an interesting place...

Had the chance to catch up with my boy Cider, who was out bombing a wall with some other graff cats.

The rest of the week pretty much continued on with the same vibes, party, eat good food and rest... Dandee and I are working on a project called VANDAN, it's an EP featuring guest spots from Gold Mountain, Way of Thaitanium, Nesh and Ras Muhamad. Keep your ears open!

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