Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lawaking Vandal???

So what's new??? Well, last night I was out in Wangsa Maju... An area in Kuala Lumpur known for it's Hip Hop and the NZ Curry House! I rolled to the spot with my man Edwin, who invited me to be a part of the filming for local comedy heroes the "Raja Lawak's" aka the comedy kings. I'd been involved in 2 skits, the first of which will air this Saturday July 6th on Astro Prima, which is channel 8 on ya dial... Oh... It's 10PM for those in Malaysia! You can also catch the repeat on Sunday July 7th at 12pm on Astro Ria aka channel 4.

The following week... Yes there's more! You can catch me live on the show! Peep the Malay skills and witness the first ever on air performance of the latest single "Lalala"!!! For those who lack calendar skills, that's Saturday July 14th on Astro Prima (channel 8) at 10PM and the repeat on Sunday the 15th at 12PM on Ria aka Channel 4.


I'll be getting the video for the skits and live performance up when i get my hands on it!

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