Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All In The Family

Greetings People,

This Saturday I will be participating in an event put on by the subculturous folk over at Streething. Check the info below for more details...

Date: 16 February, 2008

Time: 6.30pm – 11.00pm

Venue: Zouk, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Get ready for a post-Valentine’s day massacre as the Streething family takes over Zouk once again. Unlike past events like last year’s successful Swap & Gawp 2007 meet that was more focused on sneakers, ALL IN THE FAMILY is a call to arms to all our extended family members in South East Asia Pacific. This round there will be no extremity, no rim land, no borders! Your ridiculous obsession with streetwear is your access to this event!

ALL IN THE FAMILY presents regionally acclaimed appearance and performances from wall to wall. Our non-stop line-ups of Art, Action, Music, Fashion will definitely hold your senses hostage

6:30pm: Graffiti installation by some of the regions best represented street artists, including:

Darbotz (Indonesia)

Jahan (Taiwan/Singapore)

Orkibal (Malaysia)

Phobia Crew (Malaysia)

Shieko (Malaysia)

The Killer Gerbil (Singapore)

Action: Simultaneous skate demo by leading skateboarders and rollerbladers from the region will be leaving skid marks all over Zouk, line ups are:

Riyaz (Malaysia)

Kecik Ampang (Malaysia)

Preduce (Thailand)

Wheel Love Rollers (Malaysia)

Music: At 8.00pm, guests will be ushered into the Mainroom, where globe-trotting rapper, MC Vandal (Canada), will pump his lyrical prowess against a backdrop of montages and footage from past Streething events.

Fashion: We will be presenting streetwear fashion show styled by Ethan Chu that will feature family members modeling streetwear from streetwear stores around the region. Our invited Models are not your average Kent and Barbies but of local trendsetters and influencers. It is our personal illustration of how real fashion should be represented by “REAL PEOPLE”

Music again: the Lapsap crew (DJ Blink and DJ XU) will be bringing their unique mix of funky and eclectic tunes to keep the party in an enrapture throughout the night.

Art again but nevertheless…The highlight of the night will be a live sketching demonstration by renowned artist Dave White (UK), who will be making his first public appearance in Malaysia. Another high point will be an installation by esteemed sneaker customizers Mark Ong aka SBTG and Lazy.

There will be also display of customized sneakers, bearbricks, toys and art pieces at stadium area (mezzanine floor) brought to you by:

Apart from that, there will be a limited print run of T-shirts designed by Darbotz and the Sole Obsession collective up for sale. People who purchase aformentioned T-shirts qualify for a lucky draw, with a stash of prizes that include mobile phones courtesy of Samsung Mobile.

and if you really have no clue, what we are rambling about in the past 8 paragraphs above, we are simply saying, Come Party with us and you would witness the “authenticity” of the word streetwear in real representation ..FINALLY!!!

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