Sunday, February 24, 2008

KL to Vientiane

Sometimes things that happen at the last minute can turn out to be the most amazing of experiences and a pleasant surprise indeed! After running around trying to lock down a DJ for a few days, I managed to confirm my man RQ to bounce out and over to Vientiane Laos for a special event put on by my friends at Mekong Deck and AirAsia.

It was inaugural and official direct flight from KL to Vientiane by AirAsia and we were graced by the presence of AirAsia's CEO Dato' Tony Fernandes.

Back to Mekong Deck for a second time we celebrated in fine style and enjoyed a whole lotta Beer Lao before the weekend was done... and all in the company of good friends and AirAsia's finest and our gracious host Boon Chin (cant forget Eddie, Chong and the whole staff!)

After we rocked the show, which ended early (11pm) we made our way to the local watering hole of Marina to pary more before ending the night at the club in our 5 star hotel - Don Chan Palace... Hmmm... who was it who gave me that rose??? Hehehe... Yes, it was all good times indeed and gotta give a special shout out to everyone from AirAsia for making the trip a whole lotta fun!

And like all good things it had to come to an end...

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