Tuesday, September 7, 2010

KOTD X Evil Poets Society

Been checking out some rap battle vids today.. Not like I haven't seen em before, but we're in the middle of a revolution here in KL and Evil Poets Society is manning the guns. Was watching KOTD, Loe Pesci vs Arkane and seeing how far the battle scene in Canada has come. I'm feeling the speakers corner format with no music so that the lyrics are highlighted, as well as the fact that these guys do their research and prepare all their rhymes for major impact.

I remember back in the days I never even bothered with a battle because most cats who freestyled were just plain wack.. The Movement is upon us and I'm glad to see all around the world that battling is coming back and making a mark again. Big up to Malaysia's boys carving out a spot and showing that 2 years after TYGS dropped the first consistent MC Battle monthly, progress can be made!

Look out for more battle going down in KL as we will be hosting a "Clean" battle for MASIF2010 down at Pavillion in KL on the 18th and 19th September 2010. Evil Poets will also host another battle Saturday night Sept 18th.. If you're in the area best to check it out uncensored!


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