Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beyond The Grave

Great people never really die. It was good to get a real night of sleep, though I still miss my old bed back in Toronto, the floor was just as good I guess. Before I woke up I had felt a basket bush my feet and sensed the presence of something beyond this world. Nazri and I got up had some food and headed of to Tok Guru’s gravesite. It was a smooth drive and a hot day so we talked about life, death and the speculation going on about who will be the next Tok Guru. Sometime in mid to late March the answers will be revealed when his will is read. We walked up the hill towards the grounds, behind us a beautiful view of the city. It was a reflective and quite time as we walked through the graves, I thought about my grandfather and uncle, those close to me who have passed on. I thought about my family and friends who are still alive and am thankful for that. Not really trying to get too deep here, but I think most of you have had similar experiences and almost everyone alive can relate to a loss of life of some form. I recited a verse and sent my regards to his spirit before heading off. It was gonna be a long day but somehow I felt purified and renewed, even if it didn’t look that way!

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