Thursday, February 8, 2007

Visa Run & The Vortex

Crashing at Nazri’s place made getting into town a lot easier than if I had stayed in USJ. He dropped me off at the LRT station and I headed to Ampang Park to make my way to the Indonesian Embassy. Previously I’d dreaded going to the embassy, the long walk from the station to avoid taking a taxi, the thick lines and the general unease of consular affairs. My last experience led to a missed flight due to not having booked a return flight. I learned my lesson and this time I was well prepared and knew what to expect. I was early and killed some time at the station waiting to hop a cab. I was mad tired from last night, I didn’t sleep well and had some intense dreams and a brush with a spirit. With the lack of sleep I opted for the cab up there and went straight to the office to get things underway. Normally I would have just got my visa upon arrival, but since I am planning to spend two months in Jakarta and make these moves I’ve again resorted to the using the consulate. It didn’t take long after filling out the application until I hit my first roadblock… payment. I was kinda hoping to be able to pay when I collected, but since it was not the case I had to make the trek up the road to the bank and pull out some loot. Finally all done and in less than an hour I headed back to the station on foot and decided to bang out my ticket at the Air Asia office at KL Sentral before going home to Yi Kin’s to recover a bit. Tonight I had a rehearsal with the boys from Transient Vortex and didn’t want to be in too rough shape.

Sugs came by to pick me up and we rolled back to his place stopping to chow down on some street food along the way. Things were pretty much set for the show tomorrow, so we just went through the songs a few more times and decided on which parts will have vocals and what roll I would be playing in general. I’m pretty excited to be doing this show, not only for the $ but the fact this will be my official performance with a Drum & Bass group and doing something outside of the confinements of Hip Hop is always inspirational and stimulating. Like was saying earlier in this blogathon, one of my main musical missions this year is to dip into as many different genres as possible, create fusion and broaden my musical horizons. Plus this event will give me the chance to meet some more people in the industry here and present the possibility of future shows if all goes well. Oh I forgot to mention that Too Phat is also gonna be there and that the event is going to be a series of international broadcasts between 5 Asian countries. H-P Inter-Action.

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