Sunday, January 28, 2007

Canada World Youth

CWY 1993/1994 Quebec/Indonesia,

I remember everything so vividly, like it was yesterday. I don't think I am alone either. I believe anyone who has been a part of this program could easily recall their experiences, whether good or bad.

Having applied late I was put on the waiting list, thanks to Duncan, who I had interviewed for school the previous year. The phone rang at home and I answered. I was told that someone had dropped out of the program, that there was a space available and was I interested? Of course I was I answered without even knowing where I'd be heading. It turned out to be Indonesia. I looked at my atlas right away and thought WOW! I wonder who that person is who gave their space up for me, if you're out there, I'd really love to hear from you and thank you.

Well, I'm happy I participated and met the people I met, who to this day I am still in touch with a number of. You all mean a lot to me! You and Canada Wolrd Youth changed my life.


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