Sunday, January 28, 2007

Newsletter Vol. 1

Urban Camping Vol. 1 Jan. 2007

Peace and greetings friends and fam.

I hope everyone has begun settling into the New Year already, that resolutions are being followed and that this newsletter sees you all in good health. 2006 has come and gone, it’s a time for new beginnings. Here at Urban Camper Entertainment the new start is very exciting and we cant wait to begin sharing it all with you. Thanks for you continued support and love! So, as they say in the business, let’s get on with the show!

New Myspace page for Urban Camper Entertainment!!! Come and check out new material and add us as a friend!!!

Asian Tour:
Tomorrow, Sunday Jan 28th, is a landmark day. The rebirth of a classic obsession, Vandal will be journeying into a new phase of his life and career as an Artist. Of all his previous journeys and tours this one in particular is of special importance. To mark this momentous occasion we invite you to join us and become a part of the movement. Vandal, after years of thought on the subject, has decided to make his travel journals public. There have been plans of writing a book, so this ‘blog’ will serve as the pilot project. If you want to follow along in the adventures of the nomadic addict, just follow the link below.

Urban Camping – Confessions of a Nomadic Addict
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A number of shows are still in the works but we have conformation that Vandal will be performing at the Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 3rd 2007. The event will feature Vandal collaborating with Larry’s (SOVA) band and an ensemble of senior jazz musicians from Indonesia. Look out for more listings coming soon.

Hip Hop Gumbo Radio:
My man Sabotawj from San Diego put me on to this online radio show called Hip Hop Gumbo hosted by the lovely Renaissance. The show airs every Tuesday 7-9 (EST) and features Independent Hip Hop from around the world. Look out this Tuesday (Jan. 30th) for music from Vandal!

Hip Hop Gumbo on Renaissance Radio
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New Collaborations in the works… Get ready for new music coming soon. We will let you know once things are ready to go!!! These are worldwide collaborations featuring artists and producers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Italy, Chile, Japan, Canada and more…

New Feature:
Check Vandal together with Masia One featured on the track ‘Emcee’s Act Like They Don’t Know’. This track is on the fresh ‘Key 2 Da City’ mixtape released last month by Sabotawj out of San Diego. You can find it on the Urban Camper Ent. Myspace page now.

Thanks to everyone for all your continued support and look out for more newsletters coming soon!!! Also don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to follow the adventures!!!

Peace and blessings from the whole staff here at UCE!!!
- Vandal

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SpitFire said...

Greetings Big Van. I've been a big fan of ur music after 'accidently' buyin ur first album from Echo Park, M'sia. Lol. i was wondering if u could bring along ur new album when u come on tour here to KL. Earwarks are not selling ur album there, so i would love if u could cop it straight from ya. e-mail me, and we can talk more.

See u doing some shows last year. Liked the one u did in Penang, beach party with Pop Shuvit. U rocked the stage that nite. Cheers. hit me up with an e-mail asap.