Thursday, January 25, 2007

A New Beginning

There’s never really a good way to start a book other than to start it. Whether it even makes the cut and into print is another story completely. I’ve had this idea to write a book for ages now, but new things seem to always pop up and make life more distracting to the process. I’ve figured out a new way to make it happen now… through writing a travel journal of sorts. Through the eyes of a nomadic addict, an urban camper… but what’s the back-story? How did all of this come about? I mean, it’s my life right? It started when I was born, and that would a pretty lengthy back-story there wouldn’t it? So we move on with the present and into the future leaving the history of how we got here something that will emerge as the story unfolds.

I’m about to make the journey to Asia, a journey I have made many times before. Being in relative solitude, apart for a pack of dogs and my parents, I’ve appreciated the quiet respite here on salt spring island. Since my parents moved out here a few years ago I’ve been all over the map, both physically and in life and haven’t had a great deal of time to spend here. It’s been escaping Toronto during winter holidays only to get snowed in or during the summer being put to work on the land, a new and invigorating life for the urban camper. Key word urban. So here we are, only 4 days before I’m packed and ready, on the ferry and off across the sea. Finally settling down to write this up, trying to make a habit of it all as to get it into your hands. So what makes my life so interesting? I guess you’re about to find out aren’t you?

So jump right into my life, start now, there’s no turning back. The ticket has been paid for, not in the manner I’d expected it to be done, more like asking a favour while waiting for the promoter to wire the cash on over so you can pay off your parents visa in time for the due date… tomorrow… such is life that things don’t always go as planned, even if you’re plans are on point and the stuff dreams are made of. Is this an easy read so far? So the shows in KL have been pushed back, but Carol sent the wire to my bank just a few days back, after my urgent request and miscommunication it seems to have sorted itself out in the end, as it always does. This thing called faith is a driving force in my life. I’ve ridden it long and hard, it’s always treated me as I’ve treated it and if I spend another day waiting I may never get to do what I’ve been waiting for. But in this case I am and I am happy to say that by Monday morning I will be on a flight bound for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

But for now, I lay here in bed staring at a computer screen as the words spread across the page. I went for a walk with my mom today, actually it was the dogs who walked us. A pack of jack russel’s with the lone French mastiff. Names huh? Is that what you want? My mom fought hard to keep Maggie from getting preggo but the suit Maxyne made her got lost in the bushes one night and Bob managed to get up in there resulting in yet another litter, of which two puppies remain. Gerty and Harriet. So the 8 of us sauntered down the driveway downhill from the house and out the gate. My parents live on 48 acres of forest just off mount Maxwell nation park, a beautiful and scenic home, a paradise indeed. The driveway is just over a click long so it’s not quite like going to the corner and back. The snow has finally melted, water’s flowing down the side of the road and I can see green again. For a while there we were snowed in, but this time at least the power stayed on and it hasn’t been cold enough to start a fire in the last 3 days. It’s been quite pleasant actually.

I love to walk. Been doing it all my life almost and I hope I’ll be doing it for a while to come still, in fact it’s one of my preferred methods of transportation. I like bikes too. Anything that makes you feel like you’ve put some effort into getting to your destination is the type of reward I’m looking for. The puppies we’re cute to watch, playing as they went, hesitant of the flowing water, but adventurous none the less. Yes, I’m an animal lover, but to a certain degree. There are some things about owning a pet that conflict with the way I live my life. I’m on the road way too much, I’m usually broke and I might expect a little too much out it. Let a dog be a dog, that’s all I have to say.

Television has been a muse lately. I’m not a big fan of it, but it does serve a purpose. The opiate of the masses indeed, as I watched yet another episode of American idol in between playing with the puppies. It’s amazing isn’t it? I predict within the next 10 years, the one of the next American presidents will be elected through reality TV. Mark my words. I’ve been right on the iPhone, which will be reaching Canada soon no doubt. Educational? I think not. It’s all a big waste of time for the artist in me, but sometimes you need to escape yourself to find yourself again don’t you? That’s why god invented the internet! I’ve been getting my fill of online activities lately. I know once I get to Malaysia I wont have regular access and that I wont be able to check my 4 email accounts, 3 myspace accounts, facebook and the dreaded bank account as I wait for the wire transfer to magically appear in my savings account. Yes, I’ve gone overboard this time. What will I do if I cant see who sent me a message for like 2 to 3 days?

Have you ever spent almost the whole day in front of your computer tapping and clicking away? Sure, those of you who use it for work everyday can relate, but what about the artists out there? Networking baby, that’s what it’s all about. If it wasn’t for the internet I wouldn’t even be going to Malaysia right now. For better or for worse who really knows, that’s why my life is what it is right now and I’m headed to the far east. You’d think I’d be excited, I’m not. Well, ok I lied, I am pretty excited to be embarking on this new adventure. This trip is very symbolic. It’s a new beginning. It’s like shedding an old skin that has been slowly peeling away, not quick enough, but now you know when the last follicle will fall. Refreshing. So it’s like 1:52 am now, I’m feeling drowsy, the puppies will be up in about 5 hrs whining to be released from their cage and me the light sleeper will be tossing about the bed thinking of the dream I had but not remembering it when I get up because of a lack of focus or care. The preparation continues tomorrow. So let’s end this with a little quote I will make up for my own amusement. The joy!!!

Life is life because we believe it is, and this belief makes it whatever we want
- Vandal

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