Sunday, January 28, 2007

Last Night in Canada

Yes, the last night in Canada has finally arrived. It’s getting into the wee hours now and I am just uploading some beats for my man Phil IE aka The Rhyming Chef who has been working hard on his dope project. Check him out! So this entry will just be an assortment of random thoughts… Leafs beat the Habs, looked pretty convincing and made me happy to see them win for my last game I’ll catch this season. Not that I’ll really miss hockey, or basketball for that matter, I just enjoy catching it on TV when I can. Still a fan! Yup yup, this will be my last time online til I reach KL. I’ve already said my goodbyes to my online homies and finishing up this last blog entry before I head upstairs and begin packing up my things. Still haven’t packed… So the money finally came through and all is well on the financial front for the time being, but I still haven’t worked out my ride from the airport yet. No cause for alarm, the urban camper always knows what to do. I was speaking with my girl Saer Ze on MSN about a few tricks of the travel trade. The latest one I came up with was based around food. You never know where they put you on the plane, and if you’re hungry and brought no snacks sometimes you have to wait til the end of the line you get yours. Simply ask at the check-in counter for a special meal. Usually airlines have an assortment of these to choose from, so take your pick, and you are guaranteed to get your meal before the generic food comes rolling down the isle. Now aren’t we special! Any other tips you ask? Maybe another day… there is work still to do!

“A day of waste means a day of haste”
- Vandal

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SpitFire said...

i leave u a message in the Vol 1 post. do check them and e-mail asap Van.