Saturday, January 27, 2007

Me and my Travel Bug

Another day closer to departure and it hasn’t quite set it yet. Could it be all the years of a similar process that has me at ease with all of this? Travelling infected my system such a long time ago now, it’s become symbiotic, a part of me, thick in my blood. I wonder if these entries are a little too long, cause I know people these days just don’t have the attention span or the time. Fuck it, I don’t really care. They will come out however long they do, they are what they are and that they will be!

An entertaining day with the puppies again. After mopping a couple of puddles up and settling in on the couch to catch my last Raptors game of the season, they piled onto me and entered doggy sleep. As a nice going away present, the Raptors pulled out a win against the nagging Celtics, Bosh is definitely looking primed for the All Star game. Watch out!!! Tomorrow will be my last dose of my home teams as the Leafs play Montreal, but by the looks of it, my suspicions tell me it’s going to be a heartbreaker. I’m not obsessed with sports like I used to be, but it seems with so much garbage on TV even catching Poker is exciting…

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I will be sorting through my stuff again, selecting what comes and what stays. I think I’ll post my packing list after this post, just for the fun of it. Leaving Toronto was the biggest of all challenges, moving stuff out of the storage space, transferring it, sorting, purging and then packing it to come out here (Salt Spring Island). This will be a more relaxing process, kinda like picking the best of the best and what is truly needed for my impending adventure. Then I have to fit it all in my bags…

I’ve also decided I would send out a newsletter. One last edition before I hit the road. I’ve been doing these newsletters for a number of years now and find people still take the time to read them and reply. This one will be special though, because it will be the first to be posted on the blog site as well. A lot is going on in the life of Vandal, my alter ego, and this is what we do to let the friends and family know.

I’ll keep it short tonight, as last night I got tangled up in watching Borat on Oh how I laughed when they were wrestling in the hotel room naked and then ran into one of the ballrooms during a function. Drove me to tears… Anyways and as always… A Quote.

“Create or Die”
- Vandal

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